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Lucky Pup and Co. The Hamptons Dog Trainer
The Lucky Pup Method

Teaching owners how to unleash their pups potential!

I have found that the best relationships are formed when there is a clear understanding of expectation between owner and dog, Lucky Pup programs are designed to give you just that. Dog training is solution oriented, with that, best results come from consecutive lessons where we’re able to build on previously taught skills and principles. All lessons begin in the home and we move outside of the home as we progress. Through your program we will implement skills and make behavioral tweaks that align with your long-term goals. 

-Founder, Head Trainer: Allaire Burke


Pick the service type best suited for your needs!

Membership included with all programs,

membership includes access to events + The Lucky Owners' Guide.


In - Person Training

Hands-on learning with the in-person guidance of Head Trainer Allaire Burke.

Private one-on-one training and education, both in-home and excursions. 


Hybrid Training

A perfect mix of hands on learning and virtual education.

All Lessons done with Head Trainer Allaire Burke.


Virtual Training

Private one- on - one training done via facetime. Learn new skills and problem solve!

All Lessons done with Head Trainer Allaire Burke.


We offer a range of programs, check out our offerings below. 



Unleash your pups potential!

How does the relationship-based approach look?

My goal is to help you achieve the best possible relationship with your pup. Through clear and effective communication you are able to build trust in your relationship with your dog. My job is to help guide you through the process while teaching skills and making tweaks that align with your goals. 

How long is each program?

Each lesson is 45 minutes to an hour long dependent on complexity of the lesson itself/ how the dog is maintaining focus. Programs begin at 3 lessons with our mini and can reach 12/15 lessons for behavioral cases. 

What does the program look like?

I take a wholistic approach to helping each pup reach their potential. We will analyze all behaviors, set up a success plan and go from there. Your dog can learn skills such as coming when called, a loose leash walk, potty training, proper greetings, confidence building, leaving things alone when told (this includes barking), and much more.

All programs begin in the home establishing our foundation and we will move to excursions outside the home as you progress. In each lesson I will teach your dog skills (fine tune as we progress), then hand them off to you and teach you how to achieve the same result through hands on learning. 

What methods do you use?

I am a strong believer in balanced training, I believe clear expectations come from rewarding what we want to see and correcting what we don’t. With that being said, I follow LIMA (least invasive, minimally aversive), I want what’s best for each dog and the “recipe” for what they need is always unique to each individual.

Balanced training within my program can be as slight as removing a positive (affection) and as significant as using a prong or E-collar. All training aids will be discussed in-depth prior to use and use of these tools may be recommended, but is never required.  

What our Clients are saying

"Allaire is amazing!!! Allaire allows you to set your own goals and is there every step of the way to help you accomplish them. She is also there to help correct behaviors that may arise as your puppy is growing. I couldn’t recommend her more."

- Lincolns' mom


take your dog anywhere


Lucky Pup currently offers training in

Virginia Beach, VA + East Hampton, NY

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