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Establishing a seamless and trusting relationship through a balanced approach.

Having a well-behaved dog is a lifestyle

Your dog is learning 24/7 whether you realize it or not. From the moment you bring your new dog home, their lifelong behaviors begin to take shape.  We can’t tell dogs what to do, we have to teach them. It’s up to you to lead the way! 


We offer a range of programs from puppies to off-leash to aggression rehabilitation. A consultation is required prior to signing, but you can check out what we have to offer below.

*All Programs Include a Year Group Events*

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Our basic obedience program is best suited for pups who need to learn the ins and outs of how the home operates. This includes not jumping, a loose leash walk, coming when called, general impulse control, leaving things alone when told (including barking), place, sit, and down, as well as potty training. Further issues and goals to be discussed at your consultation.


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Behavioral Modification

Best suited for the pup that has deeper issues going on. Does your dog display reactivity on leash towards people or other dogs?  Is your dog aggressive towards guests when they enter the home? Has your pup been through a bit of trauma that's effected their self-confidence? If any of these hit close to home, this program is likely for you.

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Specific Issue Targeting

Does your dog have a strong foundation in obedience, but there is one thing that you just can't get ironed out? If so, this could be a perfect fit!

Dog reactivity training

“Let me start by saying I went through 3 trainers before finding Allaire. All of my previous trainers wouldn’t handle my dog or help at all.  I was truly at the end of my rope due to my pup’s fear of people and lack of “manners”.  When I found Allaire and she personally came to my home to craft a training plan, I knew both Baloo and I were in good hands.  It has been less than 6 months and my pup is mastering his recall, walking, greeting, and is more confident than ever. Stop looking for dog trainers and call Allaire!”

 - Baloo's Mom

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Become the Confident Leader Your Dog Needs

We all got a dog to be our bestie, right? But here’s the thing—while the best friendships are tons of fun, they require a little work. 

Training Lucky gives you the knowledge to confidently go out into the world with your dog knowing that you both have the skills to take on any challenge that you may face.

Get Out There

With Your Dog

After you and your pup have completed Lucky Pup Training, meet us at the club—the dog club! Our Social Club is a great way to make training a lifestyle and properly socialize your dog. The more your dog gets to experience high distraction environments, the more confident they’ll become, not only in themselves, but in you! When you're in Lucky Pup’s Social Club, you’ll take your dog to fun places alongside new friends who are dog people just like you. 



take your dog anywhere


Lucky Pup currently offers training in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk. 


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