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Train Lucky

Hey! I’m Allaire — your dog trainer, guru, and canine concierge.

   I started Lucky Pup because I want what’s best for the pups and their people. As a young girl I attended doggie summer camp through 4-H, this is where my passion for the pups began to take shape (though my parents would probably tell you I was always obsessed with dogs). Through the program I learned the ins and outs of dog obedience as I attended throughout my childhood.

    While I was in college studying psychology, I apprenticed at a dog aggression facility where I expanded my foundation. I was given the opportunity to learn hands on how behaviors were formed and corrected while studying the same principles in school.

   Through this, I realized that nature plays a large part of how a dog behaves, but the biggest influence is the environment in which they're brought up in. Because of this, I set out to establish a program where the owner is given the skills and tools for lifelong success alongside their pup,

no matter the occasion. 


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We offer a range of programs from puppies to off-leash to aggression rehabilitation. A consultation is required prior to signing, but you can check out what we have to offer below.

*All Programs are one-on-one private lessons with the Owner, our Head Trainer, and your Pup. 

In addition, all programs include one year of Group Events*

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Our basic obedience program is best suited for pups who need to learn the ins and outs of how the home operates. 


​9 Private Lessons with our Head Trainer

Skills Taught:

-Loose leash walk

-Recall (come)


-Focus (Watch)

-Sit (implied stay)

-Down (implied stay)



To see if this program is for you, Please set up a consultation!

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Behavioral Modification

Best suited for the pup that has deeper issues going on. 

12 + Private Lessons with our Head Trainer

Behavioral Issues:

-Leash reactivity

-Resource Guarding 

-Territorial Aggression



-Littermate Syndrome

-Dog on Dog aggression in the home

To see if this program is for you, Pleas set up a consultation!

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Specific Issue Targeting

Does your dog have a strong foundation in obedience, but there is one thing that you just can't get ironed out? 

3 Private Lessons with our Head Trainer


*group lessons not included in fine tuning program*

To see if this is the right fit for you, please set up a consultation!


“We started working with Allaire because our 1-year-old Hound puppy was impulsive, high energy, and stubborn as can be. It was impossible for us to take him in public and feel comfortable with him, especially off leash. Allaire completely changed that. We have what seems like a brand-new dog! We feel comfortable with him off leash, walking by distractions, and around food on the counter. While we are extremely happy, our dog seems happier too because now he has the ability to have more freedom. I don’t even want to know where we would be without Lucky Pup!”

-Raiders' Mom

A Day in the Life of a Lucky Pup!

Get to Know our Program

    At Lucky, the lifelong success of our clients is our greatest priority. With that, we take a wholistic approach at solving all of the issues that are present. Once you decide that the Lucky Pup life is for you, we will immediately give you your first "homework assignment". This will include all fundamentals such as heel, sit, down, watch, come, and leave-it. 

   The key to gaining control over your dog begins with none other than your leash, without that you are at a total loss. To start your very first lesson, you will learn the ins and outs of leash pressure as well as what behaviors you should be rewarding and what behaviors you should be correcting. 

   Once you have a handle on leash pressure, we can dive into managing and establishing your dogs' impulse control. The majority of issues that we see in dogs have a root cause of a lack in impulse control. Our goal with this is to teach the dog how to remain calm and focused when distractions are present. 

Check us out on instagram to follow along on the adventures of our Lucky Pups.

  • Get a one-on-one with our head trainer to evaluate your dogs behaviors...

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